What is Tetra-Communication Technology?, Why is it vital to integrate in your existing emergency management system?

In an increasingly interconnected world, where effective communication is pivotal, the evolution of technology has paved the way for transformative solutions in critical communication systems. One such revolutionary advancement is TETRA technology — a digital trunked radio communication standard designed to address the unique needs of professional users in mission-critical environments. Developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), TETRA has redefined how organizations approach communication and coordination in scenarios where reliability, security, and efficiency are paramount.


This article offers an in-depth exploration of TETRA technology and its profound implications for mission-critical communication. We delve into its core features, its applications in diverse sectors, and the synergy it forms with SiRcom’s innovative HPS siren control receiver. Together, TETRA and SiRcom’s solution demonstrate the convergence of cutting-edge technology and specialized expertise to create communication systems that transcend traditional boundaries, enabling swift, secure, and informed decision-making in times of crisis.


Brief Overview of TETRA Technology:

TETRA, developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), is a digital trunked radio communication standard. It operates on a dedicated spectrum and employs Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology to maximize spectrum efficiency. TETRA offers numerous advantages over traditional analog radio systems, including improved voice quality, enhanced coverage, and the ability to transmit data alongside voice communication.

TETRA radio devices support a wide range of features tailored to the needs of professional users. These devices typically offer secure and encrypted voice communication, allowing organizations to maintain confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Furthermore, TETRA radios enable group calling, facilitating effective coordination and collaboration among team members. In situations requiring one-to-one communication, TETRA devices support individual calling, ensuring privacy when needed.


Purpose of TETRA Radio Devices:

The primary purpose of TETRA radio devices is to enable seamless and reliable communication in mission-critical environments. Public safety agencies, such as police, fire departments, and emergency medical services, rely on TETRA radios to ensure efficient emergency response. These devices allow first responders to quickly and effectively communicate during crises, enabling them to coordinate their efforts, share vital information, and make informed decisions in real-time.

Transportation companies, including railways, airports, and logistics providers, also find great value in TETRA radio devices. By equipping their staff with TETRA radios, these organizations can establish a robust communication network that spans across their operations. Dispatchers, drivers, and security personnel can communicate effortlessly, resulting in smoother logistics, improved incident management, and enhanced passenger safety.

SiRcom Engineers in Facility


The HPS siren remote control units developed by SiRcom GmbH leverage the company’s extensive experience in the field of radio communication, sirens, siren control centers, and accessories. These remote control units serve as tele-control receivers for BOS (Public Safety Digital Radio Network) radio networks and are specifically designed for siren control.

The primary function of these units is to enable secure and straightforward activation of sirens through higher-level control centers. The communication between the remote control units and the control centers can be either unidirectional or bidirectional, depending on the design and protocol used. In the case of bidirectional communication, such as with BDBOS (TETRA) digital radio networks, the units can not only trigger the sirens but also provide monitoring capabilities and send feedback to the responsible authorities.

Ensuring secure operation, protection against sabotage, and ease of use are inherent requirements in the design of these devices. Additionally, they are built to withstand the effects of high-frequency or magnetic field radiation, as well as operate within a wide temperature range. Depending on the specific model, the units can operate independently of the main power supply through a rechargeable battery.

The BDBOS (Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio) network, in conjunction with TETRA digital radio technology, offers advanced capabilities for alerting and feedback in emergency situations. SiRcom, a specialized company in siren control systems, has developed the HPS siren control receiver specifically for integration with the TETRA network of the BDBOS.

Compared to traditional analog radio or POCSAG (Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group) digital radio systems, TETRA radio networks provide the advantage of two-way communication between the alarm trigger and the sirens. This means that sirens can not only be easily activated but also provide feedback to the responsible authorities regarding the activation status or availability of the siren.

The HPS siren control receiver, designed by SiRcom, offers seamless functionality and interoperability within the TETRA network. SiRcom’s extensive experience in the field and its involvement in the standardization committees for siren control in Germany contribute to the reliable and effective performance of the HPS.


SiRcom Smart Alert System Capabilities



The inclusion of two-way communication and feedback capabilities in the HPS and compatible sirens represents a significant advancement in emergency communication systems. It enables authorities and responsible personnel to remotely activate sirens and receive real-time feedback regarding their status.


  1. Integration in the siren controller: The TETRA communication functionality is already integrated into the siren controller, eliminating the need for an additional cabinet or separate equipment. This integration saves time, space, and money by reducing the complexity of the system and simplifying installation.
  1. Power management with dual backup options: The siren controller’s power management system incorporates two backup possibilities to ensure uninterrupted operation. In addition to the standard direct mains power supply, the system utilizes integrated lithium batteries in the amplifiers and an AGM battery as real backup sources. This dual backup configuration enhances the reliability of the system, providing continuous power during outages or disruptions. The use of a single 12V battery for the AGM backup simplifies the setup and maintenance process while offering flexibility in choosing the appropriate battery size for specific duration of backup power needed.
  1. SiRcom TETRA Software: The siren control system is equipped with SiRcom’s TETRA Software, offering secure and easy status control. Authorized personnel have the ability to access, edit, and check updates, as well as execute required settings through the software interface. This provides a user-friendly and efficient means of managing the siren control system, ensuring that it operates according to the desired configuration.

This bidirectional communication enhances situational awareness, facilitates efficient coordination, and enables prompt actions during emergencies. Alerting and feedback capabilities in the BDBOS network are greatly enhanced with the introduction of the TETRA siren control receiver used in HPS , developed by SiRcom GmbH.



In conclusion, TETRA technology stands as a pivotal advancement in the realm of mission-critical communication systems. Its foundation on efficient spectrum utilization and its integration of data transmission with voice communication offer professionals across various sectors a robust platform for seamless, secure, and reliable interaction. SiRcom’s HPS siren control receiver, designed with a keen understanding of these principles, epitomizes the potential of TETRA in enhancing emergency communication systems.

SiRcom’s expertise has led to the creation of a solution that not only empowers first responders, transportation personnel, and other critical operations with bidirectional communication and feedback but also streamlines the entire system. The integration of two-way communication capabilities, dual backup power management, and user-friendly software encapsulates the epitome of efficiency and reliability.


As we look toward the future, the collaborative efforts showcased by TETRA technology and SiRcom’s innovation highlight the ongoing evolution of communication systems, where the synthesis of cutting-edge technology and industry-specific expertise continues to redefine the standards for reliability, security, and operational efficiency in mission-critical environments. Together, they ensure that professionals can communicate swiftly, securely, and effectively, even in the most challenging circumstances, ultimately saving lives, resources, and time.


Author: Micah Reedy / Marketing Specialist

Email: Marketing@SiRcomUSA.com 


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