Frequently Asked Questions

With the 30+ years of experience, SiRcom has captured a few of the most common questions asked by our clients, below. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
Yes.  SiRcom‘s outdoor warning sirens are designed to provide the greatest sound coverage. Our outdoor warning sirens can be configured easily in omni-directional (360 degrees), directional (180 degrees), and even bi-directional (covering two major angles without being 360 degrees).
Yes. SiRcom‘s Mass Notification System is fully FEMA-IPAWS approved. Our SiRcom SMART Alert Software has been tested, approved, and is currently on the FEMA IPAWS approved solutions list.

SiRcom communicates through an array of mediums including VHF, UHF, SAT, Cellular, IP, WIFI, Bluetooth and Mesh, and utilizes a comprehensive list of mass notification capabilities across social media channels, radio, television, cable, outdoor sirens, indoor public address, digital signage, mobile call & SMS alert, desktop alert, and other channels.

Yes. SiRcom always utilizes the most Advanced Encryption Security (AES) and Secure Communications Protocols that are used by the US and NATO Militaries to ensure that the system is safe from any intrusion attempts.

The SiRcom outdoor warning sirens can send alerts from 0M to 7Km range, depending on the sirens configuration.

Yes. SiRcom‘s outdoor warning sirens are designed and manufactured to operate within -25° C75° C / -13° F167° F.

Yes. SiRcom has unlimited integrations capabilities. If you currently run legacy sirens, SiRcom can modernize your aging system with few simple upgrades. This will allow you to keep the outdoor warning sirens that are still operational while upgrading to a modern smart and unified management system.

Yes. SiRcom has already integrated CCTV cameras into the overall outdoor warning sirens infrastructure. This will allow any organization to also have the visual detection it may need for fire, break-ins or any other threat or emergency.