Indoor Notification

SiRcom's Indoor Notifications

SiRcom's Key Advantages

SiRcom provides a full indoor notification solution that integrates in all alert end points into a single unified system.

Unify Your Indoor Spaces For Alerting

SiRcom can integrate in all indoor spaces into a single unified alerting environment to alleviate confusion and chaos.

Integrate In Existing Indoor Systems

SiRcom can backwards interface with legacy indoor life, fire, and electronic security systems.

Modernize Dumb Legacy Systems

SiRcom's modern feature will modernize any existing analog or legacy technology to maximize the systems operational life.

We Offer The Greatest Flexibility

Tie In Existing Systems

SiRcom can integrate in all of your existing public address, panic buttons, and other life and fire safety systems.

Plug-N-Play Systems

SiRcom can save you time by deploying our easy to install plug-n-play indoor hardware (Public Address, Panic Buttons, etc.).

Unlimited Scaling

SiRcom'sIndoor Notification System is built to allow for adding additional hardware at anytime desired by the client.

Maintain The Existing Investment

SiRcom understands that most clients have already invested hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in indoor notification systems. Our solution to unifying and modernizing your indoor systems isn't to rip and replace all of the already invested systems. Instead, the SiRcom solution is capable of backwards compatibility with existing legacy analog systems. This will ensure that the existing systems already installed can be unified into the SiRcom Indoor Mass Notification network.

Unify The Stovepiped Systems

SiRcom has an unlimited integration capability. This allows our clients the ability to reduce the requirement to monitor and manage multiple stovepiped systems. This will alleviate the pressures in a time of emergency. The SiRcom solution can integrate in and overlay all of the required management data into a single management portal. This allows the users to see all that is happening from a single user interface rather than having to monitor multiple screens at once.

Simplify The Indoor Notification Process

With 30+ years of emergency management workflow process experience, SiRcom has designed the Indoor Mass Notification System to be simple as Facebook. Our Indoor Mass Notification System is the world's most capable solution that can tie in all of your existing and future mass notification and security systems. No matter how many users you add or scale in size, the SiRcom Indoor Mass Notification System will keep all of your notification operations simple and easy to manage.

Product Technical Specification

SiRcom Integrated Speaker Unit (ISU)

Integrate All Your Indoor Speakers & Life Safety Systems
SiRcom‘s Integrated Speaker Unit (ISU) is the world’s most modern integrations unit. The SiRcom ISU was originally designed to integrate the indoor public address systems. Since then, the SiRcom ISU has been upgraded to manage all of the local integrations to include Public Address Speakers, Panic Buttons, Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV Cameras, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Networked Digital Displays, Networked Television, Workstations, and much more. The SiRcom ISU is the SMART backbone to the Indoor Mass Notification System.
SiRcom Si-Touch

SiRcom SiTouch (Digital Displays)

ADA Compliant Indoor Alert Displays
SiRcom SiTouch panels enable our clients to meet all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance requirements. In addition to supporting compliance requirements, the SiTouch becomes the local Digital Alert Displays that are easy to see, hear, and interact with. The screens come in multiple sizes (7″, 10″, and 13″). The SiTouch can be used as a simple wall/desk mounted panic buttons, digital alert displays, or become a management system to activate the local indoor mass notification systems. The SiTouch is a SMART Indoor Mass Notification solution that has all of the modern features packed in a rugged touchscreen management device.