Integrated Solutions

SiRcom's Integrated Solutions

SiRcom's Key Advantages

As the world’s most capable Mass Notification System, SiRcom is capable of integrating with most life safety & security systems.

Integrates In Legacy and New Technology

SiRcom seamlessly integrates in all existing analog security and safety systems in with all modern systems.

Provides Better Features At A Lower Cost

SiRcom has strategic partnerships with quality 3rd Party solutions providers to pass through the discounts.

Build A Strong & Secure Public Safety Solution

SiRcom's capability to integrate in other systems will allow for a stronger overall life safety and security posture for our clients.

We Offer The Greatest Flexibility

Easy Integrations

SiRcom's products and the main management system was designed to have unlimited integrations capabilities.

Secure Integrations

SiRcom utilizes the most advanced security protocols for systems integrations. This ensures the highest security environment.

Reliable Integrations

SiRcom's engineers have 30+ years of systems integrations experience. This ensures the highest reliability.

Improve Public Safety Capabilities

SiRcom's goal is to bring efficiency and effectiveness to our client's overall public safety posture. We are able to achieve this by offering a family of product line that can seamlessly integrate in our client's existing and future safety and security solutions. This seamless integrations capability will ultimately improve any safety posture for any size organization or government.

Simplify The Overall Process

SiRcom's integrations brings all of the stovepiped solutions into a single management portal. This ensure that our clients no longer have to manage multiple operating systems all at once. In any emergency situation, saving time is one of the most critical components in saving lives. The SiRcom solution's unlimited integrations capability will save our clients time and mitigate any complex management processes.

Unify All Your Safety & Security Systems

SiRcom can tie in all life safety, electronic security, and fire alarm systems in any size environment. This integrations capability will allow our clients to unify their desired safety and security systems into a single management portal. Being able to send alerts and to manage the safety and security sensors from the same portal is how SiRcom provides the ultimate value to our clients. SiRcom will unify your stovepiped systems into a single management portal.

Product Technical Specifications

Satellite Fire Detection Sensors

Predict, Identify, and Post Fire Analysis
SiRcom believes in being able to manage any emergency from the beginning to the end. This can be achieved for any fires through SiRcom integrated Fire Detection Sensors deployed via our integrated satellites. Using satellites to predict, identify, and to conduct post fires analysis will help save lives and billions of dollars for our clients.

Gunshot Detection Sensors

Instantly Alert Those Who Need To Know
With the ever increasing public mass shootings and gun violence, SiRcom has identified the most reliable gunshot detection sensors. The gunshot detection sensors will allow our clients to instantly alert those that need to know upon the first gunshot. This will save precious time during an active shooter situation.

Electronic Security Systems

CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Alarm Systems
In addition to mass notifications, SiRcom provides a family of products that can help public safety and first responders with the ability to improve situation awareness. SiRcom has integrated in CCTV cameras, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection Systems on small to very large scale indoor and outdoor mass notification projects. SiRcom seamlessly integrates in electronic security systems into it’s overall management system.

Cell Broadcast Services

Short Emergency Messages

SiRcom is an experienced Cell Broadcast Services integrator. Cell Broadcast Services offer numerous benefits for organizations seeking effective mass communication solutions. With wide reach and instant delivery, organizations can quickly and efficiently send notifications to a large number of mobile devices within a specific geographical area. These services operate independently of network congestion, ensuring reliable message delivery even during peak usage or emergencies. Cell Broadcast Services are cost-effective, user-friendly, and prioritize security and privacy. They comply with regulatory requirements and can seamlessly integrate with other systems, enabling organizations to enhance public safety and improve emergency response. Overall, Cell Broadcast Services provide a powerful and efficient way to reach a broad audience with important information in a timely manner.