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Industry Leader Since 1993

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SiRcom is a renowned industry leader for Emergency Mass Notification Systems. Our reputation is built on our three pillars.

Build Reliable Life Safety Systems

SiRcom's solutions are known to work when lives are on the line. We have the highest reliability rating in the market.

Continuously Innovate To Raise Standards

We are engineers at the core of who we are. We pride ourselves in designing the world's most capable notification solutions.

Provide Customers With What They Need

We don't try to sell you widgets that you don't need. We provide you with solutions to meet your tomorrow's need, today.

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SiRcom's Advantages

SiRcom understands the true value of having a flexible and reliable support structure. Since 1993, SiRcom has built an international support structure for worldwide clients.
In addition to our technological advantages over the legacy competition, our business support plans have been proven and tested by clients large and small. SiRcom‘s customer service is second to none.


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Mass Notification Systems Experts

Susanne Raben

Mass Notifications Expert

Expert in project design and installations management. 

Norbert Hunger

Mass Notifications Expert

Expert in systems planning and modernization programs.

Jamie Warner

Mass Notifications Expert

Expert in project design for major countrywide systems.

Andreas Hackenberg

Mass Notifications Expert

Expert in mass notification software integrations.