Electronic Notification

SiRcom's Electronic Mass Notifications

SiRcom's Key Advantages

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software SiSA is the world’s most advanced Electronic Mass Notification Systems software.

User Friendly - Graphic User Interface (GUI)

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) was designed and developed to be highly intuitive and easy to use in any situation.

Easiest Message Creation Feature

SiSA has the world's most effective and simple to use message creation feature that will save you time during an emergency.

Create A Single Message For All Alert Channels

SiSA allows you to create a single message and send out to all or selected communications channels to all or selected groups.

We Offer The Greatest Flexibility

On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid

SiRcom's Electronic Mass Notification System can be deployed in multiple options to meet your requirements.

Operates On All Known Browsers

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) can be accessed from any known browser without any restrictions or delays.

Operates On All Known Devices

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) was designed to be agnostic to all known modern operating systems.

Easiest Message Creation Software

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) was designed and developed with the primary focused to keep the software as simple and easy to operate as possible. At SiRcom , we understand that during an emergency, simple is better than complicated and hard to use. Taking in 30+ years of client feedback, the SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) is now packed with most modern features while maintaining simplicity in operations.

Fast Message Transmission Protocols

As the leadig global Mass Notificaiton Systems solutions provider, SiRcom is able to leverage our telecommunications partners to ensure that all deployed Electronic Mass Notification Systems will operate seamlessly on all international telecommunications carriers networks. The SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) communications protocols allow for our clients to achieve the industry standard for fast message transmission ratings.

Unlimited Integrations of 3rd Party Software

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) was designed and developed with a secured open protocol that allows for SiSA to integrate in all existing and new software desired by the client. With an open API, SiSA can integrate in existing active directories, school information systems (SIS), weather monitoring systems, civil defense radar systems, life safety systems, electronic security systems, and much more. SiSA can communicate information with numerous 3rd Party Software for automatic sending or by manually approving Electronic Mass Notifications.

Product Technical Specifications

SiRcom Electronic Mass Notifications

SiRcom SMART Alert Software
The SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) can be deployed as an Electronic Mass Notification Systems (EMNS). Outside of being able to manage and activate alerts to Mass Notification hardware, SiSA can send independent alerts in the form of Voice Calls, SMS Texts, Emails, FEMA IPAWS, Social Media Posts, Fax, Desktop Alerts, Digital Sign Alerts, Television Alerts, and much more.