Central Control System

SiRcom's Central Control Station

SiRcom's Key Advantages

SiRcom‘s Central Control Stations are highly secure, easy to operate, and packed with modern emergency response features.

Secure Management Software

SiRcom's Central Control Station software was developed using Advanced Encryption Security (AES) protocols.

Highly Intuitive Easy To Use Software

SiRcom's Central Control Station software requires little to no training to utilize due to it's simplicity in design.

Capabilities & Features For All Emergencies

SiRcom's Central Control Station's purposefully built to support all types of man-made or natural disasters.

SiRcom Offers The Greatest Flexibility

On-Premise Solution

SiRcom's Central Control Stations can be configured to be installed on-premise for clients that desire full control.

Cloud-Hosted Solution

SiRcom's Central Control Software can be fully hosted to minimize the overhead requirements for our clients.

Hybrid Solution

SiRcom's Central Control Software can be configured to provide an on-premise and cloud-based hybrid solution.

Single Software - For All Your Needs

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software SiSA, is a single software that doubles as an Electronic Alerting Software (Voice Calls, SMS Texts, Emails, FEMA IPAWS, Social Media Posts) and Mass Notification Systems Hardware (Outdoor Sirens, Public Address, Digital Signs) activation management software. SiRcom understands that it's difficult to manage multiple systems during an emergency. This is why SiRcom developed SiSA to send all your alerts from a single software. Being able to send all your alerts from a single software will save you time which will enable a more effective emergency management solution.

SiRcom Unified Emergency Warning Features

Unlimited Integrations Capabilities

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software SiSA was developed with our client's environment in mind. SiSA can integrate Mass Notification Systems new/existing (Outdoor Sirens, Indoor Public Address Systems, Blue Phones, Panic Buttons, etc.), Electronic Security Systems (CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Alarms), and Life Safety Systems (Fire Alarms, etc...). This unlimited integrations capability allows our clients to unify their stove-piped life safety and security systems into a modern management system.

Cost Effective Modernization Option

The SiRcom SMART Alert Software SiSA can modernize any legacy Mass Notification System by providing a SMART management software that can monitor, activate, and control all existing legacy systems. This is achieved by replacing the aging legacy management software with the SiRcom SMART Alert Software SiSA. As the world's most modern management software, our clients are able to utilize all of the modern features of SiSA in managing the legacy Mass Notification, Electronic Security, and Life Safety hardware without a complete rip and replace suggested by our competitors.

Product Technical Specification

Central Control Station - Workstation

SiRcom SMART Alert Software
SiRcom offers the SiRcom SMART Alert Software SiSA in a full on-premise package.  The on-premise solution can be deployed as a workstation or a server based networked solution. The on-premise solution will be deployed with the latest version of the SiRcom SMART Alert Software SiSA, large screen, desktop console/rack mounted servers, keyboard, mouse, and noise cancelling microphone. The solution delivered is a plug-and-play Mass Notification Systems management station.

Central Control Station - Touchscreen

SiRcom SMART Alert Software
SiRcom offers the SiRcom SMART Alert Software SiSA in a modern touchscreen workstation. The touchscreen workstations come in various sizes from 18″, 22″, 26″, and 32″. The touchscreen monitors are easy to set up and use. The modern touchscreens have a very  high resolution screen that is manufactured for high usage in any environment. The touchscreen option can also double as a quick touch panic buttons if desired by the client. The touchscreen workstations can also be configured with built in cellular, WiFi, IP, Radio, and SATCOM communications.

Central Control Station - Cloud Based

SiRcom SMART Alert Software
SiRcom offers the SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) as a cloud-based solution. The cloud-based SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) is the most agile, secure, and easy to deploy solution for any size organization. The cloud-based solution is a fully hosted mass notification systems management solution that can also integrate in local mass notification hardware and 3rd party software.  The cloud-based SiSA can be accessed from any web-browsers and modern tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and desktop computers. The solution has all of the features of the on-premise SiRcom SMART Alert Software (SiSA) solution without all of the overhead of the local network infrastructure that requires maintenance and repairs.